Thursday, January 2, 2014

Joined a Mystery Quilt Group

I am not a fan of mystery quilts. And I said I didn't want to learn applique techniques. Yet, here I am. Here is the link to the process and it starts on January 5 which is the day before LaBefana flies.

Why one would ask would I engage in an applique mystery quilt? The answer is simple, I want to offer my annual Pay It Forward and hope to get three people who have not taken part of PIF with me before. The quilt-a-long schedule is for 17 weeks, which puts it to the end of April.

Also, its a scrappy quilt so I can use up more of my stash without needing to buy more material. That is a big plus for me. If you are interested in joining the quilt a long, you must register by 1/31 to get the lessons free.

If you are interested in participating in my annual Pay It Forward (remember, I am looking for folks who have not done this with me previous years), reply to this post and I will respond to you in order to get your mailing address. I cannot say what it is you will receive from me during 2014, and hopefully you will enjoy the energy and love I put into it. The key is that you need to be willing to pay it forward to three other people in your life in whatever way you chose. My official post for this is on Friday and will go out on Facebook, so this is an 'early bird special' to anyone reading my blog who might like to participate.

I've spent yesterday and this morning working on those small details that go with quilt making to finish them up or simply move along to the next step. Cutting takes so long. I read once that an hour of cutting is equal to 3 hours of piecing. Wish I had kept that quote. Its back-breaking work sometimes, but ever so rewarding when it comes time to pulling out the squares. I sorted and cut for hours and have a pile of fabric scraps to cut this afternoon.