Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve

I've been doing more work on the swap project for my friend in MN and tried a different method of machine quilting. Its nice & I do hope she and her dear husband like what I've made for them. The pieces need binding, which I can do tomorrow, and then they will ship out by week's end.

In my Italian heritage, many people honored the god Janus on the New Year. He is often seen as the baby of the new year and the old man of the old year.

A lot of art is dedicated to the double head of Janus who sees both our past & future events & is keeper of the gate. Again, its about seeing, looking, observing, watching. 

This sort of image was cast on coins during the Roman era, used a lot on reliefs, crockery, and in paintings. One can assume that folks of that time had an understanding about this particular energy.

As I look at what I have quilted this last year, several things are apparent to me. One is to pay better attention to the minor details, such as securing all four corners on both sides, ensuring back-stitching holds the seams, and keeping track of the patterns if I leave a project for another time; making notes of what was done on it, & what was planned when I do return to it. 

Janus has a sister Jana, who was also honored at this time of year. She was honored as the keeper of doorways, and is often portrayed holding a key. 

Again, that reminds me to look at quilting patterns & create something I love that will be cherished by someone who receives it. Sources for these Ancient Roman siblings give them responsibility for beginnings & endings. 

If anything, it sparked the idea that I need to make a new list for quilts I want to finish in 2014. I created a list for my sidebar for "Making Christmas/Solstice" that worked really well, and now there is one for the quilts until I do a reveal when the recipient has them in hand. Some have quilt names, others just working titles.

My younger Son sent me 20 rotary blades and five packages of queen-size batting for the holidays, both gifts will take me through the year. (I want to send him the traditional coin for the blade so they don't cut our ties....so that must mean 20 coins.)

Here's to those Ancient Roman siblings...looking back and looking forward!

Be safe on the roads if you travel tonight.