Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Season of Beauty

Even though my quilting projects are finished for the year, I chose to engage in a number of traditions. This is an enchanting time of year for me, and one I dearly love. Nature here shuts down more every day as the days grow shorter. When I open my eyes to the night, there is always a blanket of stars. I learned some of their names when I was a child, and rejoice to see them again each year. 

One of the traditions I carry forward is sending out holiday cards. In fact, the topic for the Creative Writer's Forum class I teach this Saturday is writing letters and including notes in greeting cards. 

My list gets shorter each year. In some ways, the economy prohibits a lot of us from sending them out. More, however, is the changing methods of communications. Younger generations simply do not see the value in them. I cannot do them all in one sitting, My hand is not used to writing. I got envelopes addressed, return labels and stamps added for about 25. Enough time to sign and add notes later.

I also brought my Great-Nephew's quilt out. Its driving me crazy to work on because the pattern for making those triangle points is not well-done. I like it enough to work on it and re-do them, but it will take more time.

Also got out to buy more shipping supplies for the cookies and gifts going out next Monday in time to get to the midwest before Solstice. 

Then I threw a pot of faucet hot water into the pond I put in last summer. The bubbler moves the water 24/7, however, the colder nights froze a layer of ice over it that I just want to make sure stays open for the birds. They love bathing in it even as it gets colder. Its been the most delightful garden accessory!

Oh, and I re-did the blog background. It changed for me so easily last time and this time, took way more time than I have for such things, so it is what it is for today. I am surprised how much work it takes. Its me. I want the color, layout and design. Me. Yet, that means I need to have a better understanding of what it takes to work with the software. Ah well, back to quilting I go!