Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hot Pink Quilt and a Donation Button

I was surprised at how many 5" squares I found for my Granddaughter's Hot Pink Quilt. One hundred and sixty of them are pieced and the borders go on next. I love how the photo gives me a new perspective on how the squares went together. The color values are different for my naked eye. I am loving how it looks! I was concerned it would be too dark for a young teen (she turns 13 on this birthday!). Its got more light values in it than dark.

The photo reminds me how I walk through my world and see things differently than others do. I saw this quilt differently than how the picture shows it. Not better or worse, just different and darker for whatever reason. 

When I was a child, I used to wonder if everyone saw the same color. I wondered if we simply name some thing a particular color--say grass-green, and no matter what, it is the name of that object. We all call it grass-green and no one objects, even though if there was a way to measure the color waves and each person was, in fact, seeing different hues or intensities. No one says, this grass is purple. 

Kids who color grass purple in their art work are told they used the wrong color. 

And then there is Dmitry Raguimov with Artist Rising. I found this work online just by keying in 'purple grass'.  Makes me wonder how this artist found the permission to see it in his mind, and show us grass named purple rather than green. 

I am not sure I could walk through a grassy field of purple grass with any sort of ease. I am conditioned to see it the green-grass color I've known all my life. I am not ready for this big a change.

Next: The PayPal Donation button. There it is and if you ever feel so inclined to support my work in a financial way, this is the way to do it. I've been struggling with putting one up for awhile. However, its more about my openness to receive. By putting it up here, I am declaring that openness with a grateful heart. Thank you in advance.