Sunday, December 22, 2013

Plan Ahead

It was Winter Solstice yesterday. I have a full appreciation for all that is in my life, and for what I might be missing. There is no snow here in the valley right now and none on the surrounding mountains. And Cardinals do not fly west of the Rockies, and I miss them too.

And I did not bring out my machine or any fabric to work on yesterday and do not have time today. That doesn't stop me from thinking or planning about next year.

Gifts I received from friends, family and my Secret Santa were beyond my wildest dreams. I discovered a renewed energy from quilting this year. "Every Stitch a Prayer" has become a way of life.

This morning, while cookie dough chills for three hours, I have been browsing online for some of ideas people have for quick gifts, and made a file for myself. Some of the ideas like Yule Crackers for the table suggest you collect pieces for them through out the year. 

And others are made of odd size scrap fabrics. No tutorial here, and the link was so old I couldn't find information, however, its going to be a simple pattern to create, piece, stuff and hang! My thought is to make one with loops on each end to hang over a window rather than a mantle. 

And I found a number of tutorials for quick Tree Skirts or Table Runners that will also use up fabric scraps. Scrap quilting has become more popular with the rise in cotton prices.  Admittedly, some projects do not appeal to me either for how they turn out or for how much work it takes to complete them. I want quick and easy, and attractive.

It is my intent to create individual gift boxes with these small decorations for each of my Nieces, Nephews, and Grandpeeps (suddenly leaving home and setting up their own apartments). I've learned to ask what colors they want to decorate in for the holidays and am able to make these to fit right in with their intentions.

I think I am going to dedicate at least a day or two each month to working on these projects for next year so I can keep ahead of the season and have the gifts ready to send just before Thanksgiving 2014.