Monday, December 23, 2013

Open to Receive

That has always been a challenge for me. I grew up in a very generous family. We had more than most, so it seemed that my Parents set in place an ethic of giving rather than receiving. They worked hard both in the family business operations and with jobs outside the family setting. 

As time moved along and I moved out, my life was still one of privilege. And things change. Women earn less than men, yet seem to need more for personal and household operating expenses. And then there is the age factor (I recently retired and am currently on a fixed income). As a single parent, I focused more on raising my sons than acquiring material possessions. I wasn't open to receiving back then unless it was for my sons. 

It took me a long time to find that state of openness.

My stash comes from generous gifts from other quilters. My quilts are scrap quilts primarily from this stash, supplemented by purchases for borders, backs and batting. 

I finished my friend's Granddaughter's mini quilt. 

I rather enjoy this one, and once again am surprised by the pink for the back. It wasn't really pink nor was it red, so its been in the stash for awhile.

I also used 2.5" strips joined together for binding to use up those scraps as well. 

My friendships have usually been quite reciprocal, without either friend worrying about who bought lunch the last time.

And I know that Vanessa will enjoy this little quilt. Children are much more open to receive than most adults are.

Yet, this year, and this season, have been over the top for me in being open to receive. 

I enjoy moving the fabrics into a new creation and onto a couch or bed to give someone comfort. So it had to happen. I had to open up to receive or there would have been an imbalance in the universe. Things must flow to stay alive.

The story of the Dead Sea always struck me as an example. It does not flow and has earned its name for that reason.

Yes, I have a lot of fabric to go through, and yes, I am buying more for special projects, and end up with additional scraps. 

How does any one quilt without building up those stash bins? I know that my generosity comes from my family. Its a good value to have, and one that I admire in others as well as myself. 

However, I am learning about receiving and how much of a challenge it can be for some of us. We owe it to each other to be on both sides so that others in our lives have the privilege in giving to us as often as they receive what we have to offer.

In my opinion, it is arrogant to only be giving to others. Not only do we owe it to each other to be on both sides of giving and receiving, it is a great act of love to open to them, to receive what they have and want to share.

Thank you to every person who has given me something this year. Thank you for helping open my heart.