Wednesday, December 25, 2013

WIP Quilt

I pressed the borders on Baylee's grad quilt so I could lay the 146 prairie points out. Its becoming such a stunning quilt. The pattern comes from a book LINK TO THE 30'S: MAKING THE QUILTS WE DIDN'T INHERIT by Kay Conners and Karen Earlywine. Baylee's party is in mid-June and I plan a trip back.

It has been taking me some time to work on all the pieces. It reminds me that life is a process, and we are inevitably caught up in its flow. Its been said so often that our life is one long passage from one condition to another.

What I love about quilting, and also about life, is that there is something different to be experienced just around the corner. Like a snowflake from above, we are on the move, changing, spinning, sparkling and then melting. 

I have found that its silly for me to get attached to one part of the quilt, or to be over-whelmed by one step. There were a lot of cutting sessions. I learned a new technique for partial sewing of one square. It was a new way of thinking at first.

This quilt is a series of interweaving links that reminds me of how we are all connected. All differences make such a beautiful combination. 

The background is a lovely lavender. Her Mother suggested the colors, and I wanted to make something in the purples and pinks that looked a bit more sophisticated on the quilt as she goes off to college and takes it with her.

The prairie points are laid out now, ready to pin and then baste; and with that, the top is complete. I want to purchase another batik for the back. 

Like life, I work on this quilt tenderly holding it with open hands and an open heart. Like the title of the book, I want to think of this work as a symbol of claiming and reclaiming all the good in the world. It doesn't matter if we didn't have what we wanted, or thought we missed a chance at having it. We can get it now, we can be a part of the link to each other.