Monday, December 16, 2013

Waiting for Solstice

Whew! Packages sent, and now the end of the Cookies for Solstice shipped!  I cut back so much from previous years, and yet it seemed like it was over-done as I packed them all today. 

As I walked out of the Post Office, it felt like I could take a breath. Honestly, I thought about the Grandpeeps and how it will be when they don't get these small packages from their Granny. I feel so lucky in the moment to have the strength and resources. The joy of my life is living in the present moment without looking back and trying not to look too far forward with apprehension. Its actually a rush to feel that joy.

Two Grandchildren have their own apartments, and so this year there were FIVE households to ship cookies to. Five.

This represents some peanut butter / chocolate chips, a chocolate mint, and cutouts. I only made two kinds: Silver bells, and trees (in 3 sizes) so they were easy to decorate. Each household got half a dozen of most. I didn't count the cutouts, just wrapped them to fit safely.

Why the hat you ask?
Gray hair has a mind of its own and is a lot more maintenance. I decided that instead of getting my hair cut this month, I would get an hour-long foot reflexology massage today. 

Tom is one of those highly skilled Chinese physicians who can't practice in the US because his Chinese credentials are worthless. He is amazing. The hour was amazing.

It was helpful to have the massage as a transition of tasks. My holiday/Granny hat can come off in the house and I am getting back to the quilts.