Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Pressing Prairie Points

It takes awhile to do some things. Pressing, which is different than ironing, always takes me back to my childhood when one of my chores was to iron. I hated it. Its a boring, tedious job and once I learned how to twist fabric in my hands before buying anything made with it--- because if it wrinkled, it needed ironing and I would not buy it. THEN, I knew my ironing days were over.

In fact, had I known that pressing, which as I said before is different than ironing, was a part of quilting, it might have made me stop and think about what I was getting into.

These are 146 - 4" squares pressed into prairie points for my #2 Granddaughter's graduation quilt. The colors are not as rich here as in real life because my cell phone doesn't capture their true colors. More later when stores re-open after the holidays, and I can get batteries for the camera. Its going to be a drop-dead gorgeous quilt.

Pressing is different from ironing because pressing does not distort the fabric fibers. When you press, you hold the iron on the fabric, then lift it. When you iron, you move it forth and back. 

Ironing pushes or pulls the fabric, and can give a wobbly effect to the cut edges or pieced seams.

Pressing or ironing still bores me. My focus always wanders. Its like I am a kid again, whining, longing for freedom, whining some more, and standing with an iron in my hand. Whining.

Who knew this was part of quilting?