Thursday, December 12, 2013

Just Ask

One of my Granddaughters called last night. She got a box in the mail and didn't know if it was ok to open. It was one of the boxes of cookies. She called back after she ate one of each of them, so we talked about the season, school, hockey (she plays that very competitive sport quite competitively), and how the remaining boxes from me are shipping out.

And of course, her Mother brought her milk as she ate another cookie and talked about her holiday want list. Her birthday is the end of January, so the gifts pile up for her this time of year.

As we chatted, I thought about how important it is for a child or an adult to taste the sweetness in their lives. These sensual experiences are part of the privilege it is to be human. It was a sweet experience for me to hear her voice, and to sense the pleasure we both had in this moment.

It surprised me that she wanted me to make her a quilt. Then, I realized that all she's had from me were more those younger child-size comforters. She told me about the yellow-orange-brown one with horses riding across the horizon. She said if she covers her feet with it, it only goes up to her tummy. She said she wanted a hot pink quilt from me for either Solstice or her birthday. Solstice is nine days away and her gifts are wrapped and ready to ship out on Monday.

This morning, I gathered pinks and cut them into 160 - 5" squares. I saved out a couple of the larger pieces of fabric for borders. I do have batting but might look into getting a flannel for the back. Winters in MN are cold.

Suddenly, I am making a new quilt that wasn't on my plan for the month. Oh, its still December, right? 

I worked on Tony's WINTER IN THE WOODS yesterday, from pressing and cutting to pinning and piecing. Its coming along, but is taking time.  And I also worked on a new pattern for the January Doll Quilt swap. It is also a time intensive piece.  There are two other quilts machine ready.

It all reminds me of the beauty and power that flows through the universe every minute. I am surrounded by pieces of fabric, that on their own may hold some of this beauty. Interestingly, some of the fabrics are plain and hold little attraction for me, and yet, when they are joined with other pieces, I am reminded of all the relationships that can work together to make something extraordinary. 

I think that its not so much about liking a fabric or a person as much as it is being open to including them. If pretty is as pretty does, can we then say that unpretty just needs a chance?  

I found a flannel online and ordered it. Seems that its going to have a heart love to her heart.

More pictures to follow.