Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Day's Work

Anything truly worthwhile in my life requires a full measure of effort and diligence, whether its my quilting or my spiritual evolution.

Today was spent working on time consuming small stuff. One long side of prairie points is left to pin on Baylee's quilt. Every time I touch it, it reminds me of this extraordinarily beautiful young woman. I worked on it on and off for awhile now, and probably can complete the pinning step tomorrow. 

Last night I pulled out another one of the 2014 holiday quilts. It left the UFO bin and graduated to the table where the WIP's are kept.

Most of it is cut, so last night, I laid the pieces out for 24 blocks. The next step was to draw diagonal lines on the light fabric. Today, in fact, all day, I sewed along those lines.

The pattern comes from a December 2007 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting. The magazine claims that a quilter should be at an Intermediate stage of their work. I think its pulling me out of the 'Confident Beginner' into the "New Intermediate'. Clearly, this one is requiring that effort and diligence!

I am modifying it just a tiny bit by substituting a center block for a panel print. Its just perfect as a scrap quilt because each block was to be cut from a fat quarter and I was able to find enough in my stash to make it work. The only purchase for it, so far, is the background. I selected a frosty snow in an ice blue fabric that has a bit of glitter to it. 

This is one of four quilts that is planned to go to my Niece in Wisconsin for her family. These four are the ones I would like to complete in January.

Tonight, while watching Sherlock's Season 2 on Masterpiece Theater, I plan to cut the corners and possibly press to the dark side. If that gets done, I can go onto Step 4 (of 10) for Block Assembly!  Woohooo.