Thursday, December 19, 2013

What a Day

The morning here was filled with a bit of angst because Somerset, WI schools were in lockdown due to a threat some guy made to one of the kids. Two of my Grandgrrrls go there, and until the suspect was apprehended, and everyone declared safe, my attention was there. 

Its so easy to go along in life thinking everything will be ok. It is not ok for some families this year. And even though this was frightening beyond belief, I hold some compassion for the man and wonder what motivated his stupidity. It could have been worse, and isn't. It has effected all the families involved and many people who have only heard it on the news. 

I want to make every moment count, love as much as I can and as often as I can.

I finished binding the Fundraiser quilt last night. Its name is "Angel Wings" because of the pink on the border and back. It is a utility quilt, which means it can stand up to hard use for a time. It is a comfort quilt too. I was surprised at how cozy it made me feel while I worked on it last night. That allowed me to complete it. 

Its clearly the kind of quilt that early quilters made of scraps they had on hand and done in a random fashion. I am not as fond of the random quilts like this one, yet know, it will serve someone. If the new quilt owner doesn't like the top, they can flip it to the pink fabric and ponder its Angel Wings.

The other pink quilt I am making comes from a Moda pattern called 4 Charm Packs Plus. It's thrown across the top of my queen size bed and will come out to about a twin size when completed. I need to take it with me and get a piece for the binding unless I use the same fabric as what is on the back.

A true charm quilt uses a fabric only once, and that makes this one more of a charming quilt.

Guess I am still thinking about that school incident. There were incidents when my Sons were in school some decades ago. Things happen and no one is really exempt from life's challenges. Somerset schools are some of the finest public schools I have seen in this day. My belief is that they will have good counseling for the kids from now until their holiday break. Its up to the rest of us to find a source of healing and forgiveness.  

Bless those police responders and school staff...I plan to look up some addresses in a few minutes and send them written thank you notes for keeping my Grandpeeps safe.