Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Secret Santa Rides AGAIN!

I am amazed at all I see today. Daylight is wonderful for me because it gives me an opportunity to see everything from the rising sun, birds at my feeder, frost on the next door roof and my cup of coffee. I chose a tall green cup today with Dragonflies on it. 

Dragonflies are surrounded by folklore because of their iridescent wings, so some cultures believe they travel between the worlds. My life is like that some days. Its not that I have one foot in reality and the other in some dreamtime. I just feel more in touch with the layers of reality lately. 

In MN, my home state, Dragonflies are studied as much as Frogs to see how pollution effects their little bodies. They are two species from the Animal Nation that react more quickly to the damages. Such brilliantly colored creatures. I am in awe of them.

My life is more open to possibilities and colors because I quilt. 

We've had a lot of icey storms and very cold weather here in the mountain valley. I got the mail today and was so surprised to get another gift from my Secret Santa. I know it was she because few people are in on my love of the old Patchouli and it was on my list of secret passions.

This comes from Botanical Labs and the scent is simply divine. 

AND it came at a perfect time. The front faucet had not been covered quite enough for the freeze that is here right now, so it broke and leaked onto the main shutoff. It was just fixed and I have running water again after two days. 

So, I am stepping into the shower as soon as I finish posting.

Thank you Secret Santa. You have more than fulfilled my wildest dreams with these two gifts. (the first was the cozy sox!)

While I was out in the still frozen streets, I stopped at one of the fabric stores to purchase a few light fat quarters for my next project. Its also a swap with one of my very artistic friends. She knits and also weaves, among her many talents. She asked me to make a couple of table place mats. Not going to say too much here because I know she reads my blog from time to time.

Everything comes back to quilting. And I love it!!