Sunday, December 29, 2013

Progress or Process

The last few days my quilting projects are gifts, and until they are shipped and received, I don't want to share photographs of the work in progress (WIP). Or is that process?

Those two words are quite interesting in quilting and in life. Progress means a positive and gradual development. Process means a series of actions or natural occurrences directed toward a specific aim.  

Too often, we either share too little of our lives or give too much information (TMI) as we process what is happening in our lives. Finding a balance to sharing is challenging. I find myself reading past comments from people on Facebook, who want to tell about abuse or crime or someone's sad story. Its titillating and makes people become voyeurs to life around them. Give me a story that is positive and life affirming and I will read to the end of it. 

Bloggers have different reasons for sharing, and admittedly, it takes a good story or reason for me to read them. I do not expect people to read mine. Not everyone is interested in quilting, and even among other quilter's blogs, mine is relatively personal rather than technical. AND I don't run bog-alongs nor do I give away goodies.

Last year (2013), I finished 6 of 8 scrappy wall hangings like this one my Niece Lisa received. Each had that gold star and all had mini ornaments & a dowel in the back through a sleeve. Loved them!

I used a design fabric and laid 2 out at a time so that I could shift the beiges and greens around. Quilting was done in a grid and then the other pieces hand sewn. 

The Doll Quilt Swap for January has a theme to try something new. Wow, was it new and wow, it stretched my skills. I've put it away until I hear from my swap partner so that if she contacts me, the quilt can be more tailored to her. I do not want to post that photo.

Another swap is with a friend back in MN. She asked for 2 quilted placemats, and they are also coming along quite nicely. I'll post photos after she receives them.

This was also a mini quilt I made last year that is in a box for one of my Granddaughters that I will give her when she gets her own apartment. It represents more of the beginning stage of my quilting.

The other work, behind the camera or behind the scenes is all about piecing which can be rather boring to look at until it has a more finished appearance. These are the WIP (works in progress) quilts, or is it process?