Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday Party

Just got home from a holiday party with the local quilters guild. What fun!

I know I don't play enough. When I decided to go to this party, I also decided that it would be fun, that I would have fun, and that all around me would be fun. I think fun and happiness, maybe even joy and pleasure are choices at some level. We have to chose joy, sweetness, happiness. 

I found myself resisting it as it got closer to leave my home. Playing took away from work, from all those things I had to do around home. Playing...and I left the house being ok and giving myself permission to play.

Games ranged from identifying quilting blocks, and some history questions to a Fat Quarter game, ending with the gift exchange...oh, and of course a pot luck. Gotta have that food!

I did ok on the quilt block ID & history questions, but not enough to win either game. One woman at my table did mighty good with both of them, so she was the one sitting next to me. Most women at the table have been quilting for decades now, and shared a lot of their ideas.

My Fat Quarter is lovely. I was so excited to win this one for February. I am not sure how to cut it and keep the sweet look of the old tyme valentines. Some thinking before cutting.

My gift exchange was in a round mini hat box...most were presented in bags, and I love it.  Holding four fat quarters and a small ornament, I am sure there will be other uses. (One of them is a white that seems to look like a soft blue in the photo.)

The pot luck was like so many ...more food than the group could ever eat. I noticed, however, that most of us didn't load our plates. Maybe we've gotten to that age where just a taste is enough.

The rest of the meeting told about events for the coming months. What I like about this guild is how they bring in new speakers who hold classes on different techniques. Women at my table spoke about how lucky we were that these teachers came to us. Like all classes, you have to buy your fabrics and tools. This seemed to be just fine with me.

And then, something shifted in me. I wanted to stop playing around, stop being in the endless circle of chatter and go on with my day. I said my good-byes to the women at the table and simply walked out the door.

I had two stops to make on the way home and when I got here, realized I was going to cram all the activities for one day into one afternoon.  I think I have some work to do on playing. to do. Well, I am a WIP too.