Monday, December 30, 2013

To Market, To Market

Pink. I am surrounded by family and friends who like pink. It is simply not my color. Yet I know it is a combination of red and white and its energy is determined by how much red is present. I do know that one might paint a room pink if they want it to provide them with feelings of caring, tenderness and relaxation. It also helps to neutralize aggressive behavior.

Give me a full out red any day. OK, I use it more as an accent. One of my WIP quilts is a red and white. Admittedly, I am concerned that it might be washed one day and turn the whites pink, even with the care instructions. I pre-washed all the reds before cutting them, and I am honestly thinking of soaking them again before the piecing begins on the quilt.

Yet here I am quilting with pink for my Grandpeeps and this fundraiser.

Along with the Pink Purse Fundraiser quilt I made for my friend Toni, I volunteered to make a bag to go with it...bag meaning purse. As I have written, I don't buy pink fabric and yet, with all that has been given to me, I discovered enough to make quilt after quilt and this bag.

I used a free pattern from JoAnn's for a market bag. I am making it reversible, with a bit of batting and light quilting for added strength.

This morning, I pieced the two parts for the front and back of the outside section, using some 2.5" squares for one side and some 4" squares for the other. No cutting, just piecing and pressing.
There was enough to make the two center parts, and then another larger piece to make the inside front and back. It still needs about 3 yards for the straps. I think I can do some light quilting for the center parts for reinforcement.

Unfortunately, I didn't have any material left from the quilt itself, so each piece is a stand alone. These pinks for the market bag are more traditional for Breast Cancer Awareness than what evolved in the quilt.

As I ponder the current work with pinks, it occurs to me that seeing so many shades of it are giving me those energies of caring and tenderness. And for as much as has been used, its surprising to see scraps remaining. Guess this energy has got some more work to do here.