Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Could it be Santa (Secret Santa)?

I got surprises in the mail today. 

Could it be from my Secret Santa? I have received so very much from Santa this year that my heart is full.

No card to say...and the return address is from a lovely person living in Knoxville, TN. Two fat quarters in coordinating colors! and an extraordinary pin cushion! It is a beautiful gift and the water is heating up in my teapot!

People close to me know my love for Earl Gray tea, and my love for red. This Secret Santa had the benefit of the answers to the questionnaire sent out and pulled from it even the smallest detail. I wasn't going to add to the list the big things and forego the smaller details. 

I learned long ago that its in the details that we are known to each other.

These small treasures are what warm our hearts as the days grow shorter and nights get longer. Like a kid, I tore open the packages.

Oh, and I do mean, packages. The second one was filled with these wonderful reds. All 7 pieces are hand painted, 6 of them are fat quarters and one is a half yard. Each one has its color name. 

As I looked at each of the fabrics, the artistry was simply breath taking. 

It gets better. See the Glitter thread--its from Japan! And also see the one above it? It is 100% cotton and made in Italy. Such treasures! Oh Santa.

This piece is named "Persimmon" and the painted pattern on it is a series of ovals, just beautiful work. The colors shift like a batik. 

I didn't separate the fabrics well enough for my camera to pick up details, however, the next fat quarter is called "Rosewood" and pulls the woody part or brown tone from the "persimmon" piece. It reminds me of Italian Marbled papers. Just stunning. 

"Harvest" is in this grouping of red-browns, and continues with a lighter marbling.  A higher contrast of reds and browns is seen in "Pomegranate" with a lushness reminding one of the fruit for which it was named.

The reds follow from the deep "Cardinal" to "Lucy" which has a pink undertone to the deep red, and finishes with "Chilies" and a paint that is really quite lively. Each piece is honestly a work of art.

Again, thank you. I am simply astounded at this generosity, thoughtfulness and these selections. Everything, everything has meant so very much to me to receive.