Friday, December 6, 2013

Staying in the Moment

As the shipping deadlines get closer, its hard for me to stay in the moment.  I let this time of year get me caught up in memories of the past, in frantic plans for each Sunday night as I bake, that flow into Monday when I ship cookies or gifts back to the Midwest.

I pulled out the Pizzel Iron and the Spritz Press, and checked to see if there were ingredients for what I planned to make. I need shipping boxes too, and have quite a few collected. Some get used and some get recycled by the end of the season.

Its particularly hard for me to stay in the moment each day for a number of reasons. However, I know that the only thing that is real is right now. 

It feels like my quilting projects are simply sitting, however, they are on my priority list. This represents the blocks for a new Doll Quilt. If it works, it will go to a new partner (unassigned as of yet). The second choice for any of them that I make is for them to go to the local infant center where the kids just love having them to wrap their toys. I am also working on a couple of Comfort Quilts for the local group that should be finished soon.

And of course, the Pink Purse Fundraiser quilt will need to ship out the end of January.
The grocery bag style tote bag that accompanies it will be pink. Everything is a WIP at this stage.

I don't want to let myself get preoccupied with any of it ~ that I lose sight of how I celebrate the endarkening season.  I love Winter Solstice, love setting up lights outside on the trees outside my windows or around the porch railing. I love my eclectic Winter Village too.  

Each year, the pieces get laid out differently through out the house, showing a different side of the buildings and having different people, trees and animals surround the spaces. Its the one time I let myself play. I never got caught up in having specific sets and would purchase the pieces that I loved and wanted to bring into my home. 

Playing changes things for me...for all of us, and I know that this season allows my inner child to come out. She sings the old carols, laughs at all the presents and looks in wonder at every light in the dark night. This is my moment. And it is real.