Sunday, December 1, 2013

Solstice Card Reveal

Today is a transitional day for me because I put away my harvest decor and pulled out the boxes for Solstice. I hung large ornaments on a backyard tree and set up lights for the carport. The outside is done and very simple this year. 

Today is a day that I accept that I am doing the best that I can in the right moment. I know I am in a good place in my life and I've worked hard to get here. With each step forward, and each lesson learned, I have come to accept my strengths and weaknesses without so much self-judgment. 

I made another Solstice collage card for a friend of mine who lives in Puerto Rico. Before I went too far on it, I researched the winter weather forecast there and how they decorate for Christmas/Solstice holidays. NOT with snow or the sense of cold. Its for her, so the feel of the card needed to be warmer.

Reflecting their season is much more important when I create something they can decorate with. I try to do that with quilt-making too, which is why my earlier quilts have been holiday themed. Its impossible to match colors people have in their homes no matter how one tries.

Here's what I came up with for the eight letters. I learned from the others I had created earlier that its nice to have all the letters for the word (Solstice) in one color and to have a sort of theme. So I spent time doing them in dark blue with a white shadow, and then tying all the cards with a purple ribbon. There is a more ocean-y feel to this because of where she lives and also they become a neutral color to fit in if she uses the traditional red/green.

The first one has poinsettias,which I see in abundance as a seasonal flower. They don't grow in  California, but I love them in my house. Each year, I select a color that I believe emits a healing energy on chakras. 

Red works for my Root Chakra when there is a need for healing my childhood memories. I've bought orange and yellows for those going up the chakra stem, Green for heart. White for Crown.

I had a Caribbean map among the scrap book pieces which really worked for this gift because that is where my friend lives; and the color on it tied in with poinsettia on the first S, following with waves on that next S, and moving into a tree for the T with a bird on it and an ornament hanging from it. 

The C has candy canes on it as well as the words 'laugh' and 'ho ho ho", and the E finishes with this lovely butterfly.

I like doing these for the holidays and know that its a full day commitment to create one. Paper doesn't last all that long and this is simply glued layer upon layer without much fanfare. 

My choices today would have been different a few years ago. When I named this blog, it was as though I made a commitment to my own self to step into a sacred place for creating. It just so happens that each project enlightens my soul in places I didn't even know were dark.