Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Gift to Self

I have learned that it is OK to buy myself a gift, not just for the seasonal holidays, but sometimes during the year too. Well, OK, this was a splurge gift of three holiday Fairies. You could think they are Angels, and I sort of think that Fairies and Angels are Cousins, or Sisters, or Best Friends. They do almost the same work in folk lore and its up to artist interpretation what or who they really are.

This one is Peace. When I first saw her, I was touched by more than one thing. Her dress looks like it is carved from a Paper Birch tree, which is probably my favorite tree. Luckily for the trees, it is not. Then Peace. I pray for Peace to fill the hearts of people I know, and some that I never want to know. I pray for Peace for myself as well. I think its always been hard to live life on this planet, and every era claims to be the most difficult. Maybe we face those difficulties just so that we seek Peace.

The next is Hope & was my companion all last year during the battle one of my Nieces faced against leukemia. Her passing stole my sense of Hope and changed the family dynamics forever. I find myself resisting the feelings of Hope right now because it seems that Hope along with that lovely young woman are simply lost.  And herein lies the need for Peace.

Its interesting to me that the third Fairy's message is on the right side of her gown.

The left side of our body is supposed to signal our intuition, and the right side of our body is supposed to signal reason and logic. I have been thinking about this awhile. A store clerk told me these were the only three that came in. I wondered if the artist knew what they were doing or had a reason for why this word was on the other side.

What is it about Love, especially during this season, that asks something different from us? Logic and reason might also bring in judgement and resentment for Love unfulfilled. Is Love really the be all to our lives? I haven't got the answers to this and could spend my entire life pondering the mystery.

I thought the wing treatment in metal work is brilliant. My photos almost make them look flat, however, they are wonderful to see and touch. They do not have a home yet, and my guess is that they will hang around all year and not go back in the storage boxes with the rest of the ornaments. 

Quilting...ah quilting. I am getting on with it as soon as this post goes live. Right now, its the piecing part of Tony's WINTER IN THE WOODS quilt. Lots more work to it than one might think.