Friday, December 13, 2013

December Calendar Block Swap

I am always richer than I think. 

Rex (from & I send our calendar blocks within a day so that we open them about the same time. When her blocks come, I feel like I've won the lottery. We both experienced a change of our original plans for this month's block.

I was overjoyed to see this beautiful Star of Wonder. She also sent me some of the leftover pieces so that I could do a border that includes the same colors for my finish.

By the way, Rex, I love your new Blog background!

My first December block started out with a pattern that the pattern-maker converted to the 12" finished block, and even though my pieces followed the pattern, it turned into a 14" block. It was back to the drawing board for me. This block had no pattern. I just cut and put it together as I went. 

I keep a digital file of the blocks sent to her and what she sends me. It works as a design board. I've made three traditional patterns and three self-designed blocks since July. Time to return to a traditional idea.  Having this 'design board' lets me see the overall picture for the quilt blocks for both our quilts.

This swap helps me realize how rich this work is, how creating a partnership brings something to my life that I had not conceived myself and expands my creativity. 

Not all swaps work. Some exceed one's expectations, and some can harm the feelings we have for our artistic expressions. When we find swap partners who are as committed to the swap as we are, then that is where the joy can be found. 

I am richer than I think. I want to think outside the patterns in my life and open myself up to receiving even in challenging moments when things do not go as planned.

I am richer than I think. There, I've said it three times and like my Gram used to say, "Three's a charm!"