Saturday, November 30, 2013

Secret Santa Surprise

There was a package waiting for me in my PO Box yesterday. I am such a little child that I ripped it open as soon as I got back inside my car. 

Of course, there was no return address or name on it besides the store these sox came from so I wondered all the way home who sent them to me.

I had forgotten that I mentioned my love and need for cozy house sox in my SSS Questionnaire!  This was such a surprise, such a delightful surprise. 

Thank you Secret Santa for making my day! Your selection is perfect, perfect, perfect. Just to keep our secret relationship honest, I must say that I wore the Yellow ones last night. They are cozy and wonderful.  I am so glad I joined the group this year.

The sign-up is over for this year, and this is the link to all the information we had. Maybe next year, if you are interested.

I know that some people are not lucky recipients when they sign up for swaps. Each one has its rules for final dates to send your swap and sometimes a person who did sign up for it gets busy. What I liked about this Secret Santa is that we had one person we sent our SS's to and another person sent to us. That way you know that your gifts go out unconditionally and that the one you get comes to you without strings attached. No pressure to be equal. 

Whomever my Secret Santa is, again, thank you for your thoughtfulness in reading my questionnaire and for selecting a gift for me that I do appreciate. That is the spirit and hope all children have when they make their lists and believe that Santa picks a special gift just for them. You have made my dreams come true!