Saturday, November 9, 2013

Week # 5 Reveal

Today is the day for posting pictures of the projects I finished this week. For the link up to the source for this check out:  making-christmas-2013-week-5.

This is Angie's birthday gift for 12/13, sent early enough for her to use through the entire month.  She already got it today!

This one is Jacob's mug rug. I think I forgot a note in it, but did put a return address on it.

Sami got her package on Friday too, with the comment that everything was sparkly. Back flipped over. The white border is shiny too so doesn't like being photographed. 

The disappearing 9-patch pattern easily uses scraps and takes me about a day to create. As a result, I admit to making more of them to send out. Each one is very different, making them one of a kind, and none of the folks who receive them are going to see the other gifts.

I have two more on my table right now! As I create the mini quilt for someone, I have them in my head and heart. Its a mindful activity so while they might use the same pattern, the outcome is vastly different. And isn't that how we are? We are simple humans, with similar needs and wants that get expressed in endless combinations. 

We are made from ingredients that shift in measurements and  textures in this same way I work with my fabric art. I get pleased with the outcomes of most things I do, however, every once in awhile, some combination doesn't work for me.

I made a trip to the thrift store this morning with a sackful of items I hope someone else can use better than I can. I believe in re-purposing, re-using and re-cycling and believe that our human beingness does too. We gotta stay in the flow of things, by cutting our losses, seeing our resources and using our talents to serve our greater good.