Friday, November 15, 2013

Remembering to Gift Self

Many times I do not believe in my self. I teach various classes and when students give me positive and glowing feedback, I tend to say that I have only opened a door for them. However, when someone hasn't done their work, what is amazing is that they will either have excuses or reasons why they couldn't meet their obligations, or ...horrors...say it is because of something I did.  Like many others who teach or speak or somehow serve the public, I take those negative comments in and let them swirl around.

Well not today.

Today I am making something for myself to use on my table over the holidays. It is taken from a full length table runner and cut back to fit across my own smaller table. It will be a dual placement for two plates of persons sitting across from each other.

Again using scraps. Both sides are cut the same-just the photo that seems to make it narrow on one end; I measured again to be certain. It needs a thin border on the bottoms of the tree bases and wider borders to the sides, and of course binding. The backside will have a one-piece fabric to make it reversible during the holidays for different looks. Perfect for my small table. The table cloth itself is hemmed and set aside for now. 

Because my family lives back in the midwest, I have learned that I am responsible for my happiness and that special holidays are what one makes them in the moment. 

Yes, memories are great. However, reality often says that those holidays might have been filled with more stress than joy. Like those comments from participants in my classes or speaking engagements, some are good and some are challenging. 

I chose peace, peace of mind, peace of heart. Even when it seems that I am isolated and miss my family like crazy. 

Making this placement and tablecloth for myself is like those choices. These are for me. And they will be appreciated.