Saturday, November 23, 2013

Week #7 Reveal

I can hardly believe that I started "making Solstice" more than seven weeks ago. Its been an amazing journey and of course tomorrow marks Thanksgiving week, and so the real rush for the holiday officially begins then. For those of us with hand-crafted gifts, the start can be more than a year ahead because of the time it takes to work the arts we practice.

My Doll Quilt Swap partner received the first one I made. The theme was Quilting For or With Children. I included the Angel Kitty as the dolly to go with it. 

Then I finished another one that goes to the Infant Nursery in town.

And I made a pillowcase for my youngest Grandson, Jake. He's been riding horses this year so has a lot of experiences grooming, walking and feeling their energy. I told him I would see him in my dreams.

In the same package, I sent a Mug Rug to his Daddy that matched the cowboy material. This is the back.

And the front. 

and yes, the APRONS ARE FINISHED! Might not be the most flattering angles to take pics of them. But done is done and they will go to good use in the Infant Center.

And the last of the wrapped and ready to ship. This is the one I tried free motion on and ripped out. Its lovely.

Sometimes I get a chance to look into the hearts of people I meet or talk with. Sometimes I never get to see or feel what they are thinking or experiencing. Tomorrow I will wrap more of my work that goes to folks and know that when I tie the ribbon around the tissue and cut it...that the strings are cut.

Each piece of my work goes out with unconditional love. Unconditional in this case, means I expect nothing in return, no thank you card, sometimes because they are anonymous, recipients never know who made it for them or gave it to them.

I quilt because I love it. I know that some people will not get how many long hours I put into this fabric art. Most are too used to exchanging purchases for the slightest of reasons.

Too, they are used to exchanging love, switching allegiances to their ideals. These gifts are just that. A gift that can either be welcomed and cared for, or one that is re-gifted or even re-purposed. Once the strings are cut, they are gone. And I am good with that.