Friday, November 8, 2013

Aprons & Mini Quilts

I cut and pinned all the aprons that will go to the Aides in the Infant Nursery Center in town. Its always surprising how much prep work goes into Fabric Art projects.

Its not much to look at when its just pinned fabric, and it will take me several hours to do these double seams, then start back with the next seams to press, pin and sew again. Aprons are time consuming, and this is why I selected such a simple pattern. They cost upwards of $25 in stores, and if I had that kind of money, I might consider buying rather than sewing.

And then, I found my list of women in my therapy group who offered to take my practice pieces, so cut squares to make 2 more of the mini quilts. (one asked for first these and maybe I will look through my stash again)

They go together so fast and I do plan to attempt the stipple free motion stitch on both of them. NO FEAR. The size I cut comes out to a 14" mini, and I just have to do it.