Monday, November 18, 2013


Yes, Works In Progress, the aprons. 

When I think of the work that the Instructors and Aides do in the Infant Nursery here in town, I am so grateful that someone is willing and able to spend days on end with that population of little ones. 

People have realized that even the babies can experience education. Former thoughts were that these little ones just ate, slept, pooped and cried. Not so. In this school, babies learn science, counting, shapes, classic songs, work with art projects, learn tolerance & acceptance. Then at 18 months, they move to the Toddler Room for even more educational experiences.

There is a lot of stop and start with this work. I am double stitching the seams on the sides, bottoms and tops of the pieces. And then each one will have 2-3 pockets, grossgrain ribbon ties and the D-rings. 

Perseverance, in this case, might well be my greatest asset in this work. As I forge ahead with the five of them, the fear I have of doing something unfamiliar AND without a pattern, seems to lose its power over me.

My confidence is growing with the progress I make with them. Each one comes together with the person in mind it is being created for. I know that she will be holding baby after baby and giving each one her full attention.

I am not backing away from this project. I will keep working until they are all completed and ready to go to the Infant Nursery Center. feels good to stretch my skills.

WIP-it! WIP-it good!