Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Clear, Cleanse, Consecrate

This is a particular formula I've used over my lifetime when I want to start something new. It removes the energy of past events or projects on the first step to Clear. I take away all the parts and pieces of the former work. 

Then when the room or workspace is Cleansed or cleaned, all the dust that gathered (and you know it does) is swept away, furniture is oiled and polished, and in the case of quilting, the machine is cleaned and also oiled. New threads come out along with the next projects for the day, week or month. 

My iron Consecrates the next project. The word means to dedicate to a sacred purpose. Pressing fabric for quilting is just that.  Suddenly, the colors and textures come alive for me.

I am in a between time, finishing up all the 2013 projects now and just pulling out the 2014 projects. 

This represents the first of the 2014 quilts and is called "Winter in the Woods". I pulled it out of the UFO (Un-Finished Objects) container this morning and pressed the pieces. It comes with 8 pages I copied from a book (and did not keep the name of the book!). It looks like I've marked the pattern where I cut fabrics, but none of the pieces are marked. 

It moves from the UFO bin and becomes a WIP (work in progress).

My next step is to lay it all out and see what I did. On the top of this photo are larger pieces of fabric that have not yet been cut.  So I am employing the Clear, Cleanse, Consecrate formula even here, starting with my mind: Clearing my thoughts, cleansing them, and consecrating by moving forward.

This quilt goes to my Great-Nephew Tony. In working with this quilt, I begin sending positive energy to the young boy. 

My plan is to work on the four quilts going to his family...my Niece, her Husband and the older Son. Just tops and backs for them all first.