Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November Calendar Block Exchange

Rexie's block came yesterday...and I just love it. We share a love of good strong coffee, so when this one arrived for November, I was thrilled. See the fussy cut Cornucopia! She included some of the gorgeous shashing print for me to use on the scrap border I have planned....generous woman that she is. It speaks so much to me that she offers me a cup of abundance.

These blocks are unique as each of us interprets the calendar month. How wonderful and freeing it is to be guaranteed recognition for what we contribute because it is offered to the other from our personal vision. 

Equality in friendship, in trade, in gratitude. Isn't that what this month is all about as we celebrate?

Below is the one I sent her. The pattern is called Arrowheads, which I thought appropriate for the traditional Thanksgiving. I tend to honor the Native Americans during this time. Years ago, I worked with a NA group in the Twin Cities called "Women of Nations". They were just getting organized and I helped them create a newsletter. They bought a 4-story house in a very good part of town and set it up as a shelter for NA kids from all over the country.

Most of the decor that one finds are the statues of pilgrims. There are some Indian Chief statues, but they are usually not the tribe of Natives that were actually part of the event. Like most commercial things, reality is not the priority for sales.

I worked on the December block today, and it was so disheartening. Even though I followed the directions and the pattern pieces were correct, the block was 14" instead of 12". So it was back to hunting and replanning. Most of the afternoon was spent trying to come up with something I like.