Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tomorrow, the Aprons

I finished the blue-doll quilt for the Infant Nursery in town. It's cute and I will save the pic for my next Saturday reveal.  And I have been working on the last of the Holiday Mini Quilts, which will also show up on Saturday's reveal. 

I've been participating in a daily Gratitude for November on Facebook with some of my friends joining in. Its helped me realize that my well-being is a gift, and that deciding what makes me happy, is in fact, often what I seek

Yet, there are so many surprises in my day; many things I learn when I am open to the experiences.

This is the pile of five aprons that are WIPs (works in progress). Each takes a special thread to run up the seams, twice for decor more than for function. 

Each one has coordinating gross grain ribbon for ties, and D-rings for one side of the neck ribbon so it can slip on easily.

The other thing I did this morning was to browse small fabric made 'dollies' and 'stuffies' to go with the Doll Quilt Swaps. I liked the little Angel Kitty that went with the November one (reveal on Saturday) but not enough to do it again. I want them kid-safe and that one wasn't.

And now, I will end my afternoon, pinning and hand sewing, and adding a prayer with every stitch.