Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Secret Santas

I am most excited this morning to receive the information for the secret-santa-soiree- We all had to fill out a questionnaire on ourselves. There are 38 bloggers who joined in and partners were selected randomly. Each of us linked up so one could go through the list of other bloggers to guess our Santa. The gift limit is $20, and we must ship out by December 5. This is the third swap I have joined this fall, and I learn so much about myself and the fabric arts. (The bloggers here do not have to be quilters)

Of course, it is a secret. 

And a good kind of secret, something fun. I feel like a kid again with this. Some people think its a bit early to do the holiday stuff, however, I am making a trip to the post office and shipping center to send off a lot of my holiday things. 

I finished the pointsetta mug rug and really hate how it turned out. 

I bought the green, and gray-red fabrics thinking they went together and then added another large print to the mix. Its just too busy, and I will finish the binding and put it in the thrift store donation bag. Someone will like it. Maybe if I had just made this in the two colors, it would have been better. Well, clearly, I learned something from it.

My Daughter-in-Law's Mother is recovering from breast cancer and chemo, so they are hosting a Pink Purse fundraiser for her. I am making a quick comfort quilt and am looking for a pattern online to make a matching tote bag. These projects do not need to go on my list to complete before Solstice. I've put together a pattern called "Brick by Brick" for the top using a variety of scraps.

And the above pic shows the material I bought for the back. There is enough fabric to make a border on the front to tie it in. These kinds of scrappy quilts are perfect for utility use, and its surprising to me how many non-quilters love this look.