Thursday, November 7, 2013


I got my first doll when I was 16, and too old for dolls. It didn't matter because she was a Madame Alexander doll that was meant only to sit on the bed in front of the pillow as a room decoration. She wasn't for playing with or pretending or dressing and undressing. At 16, I was driving a car faster than was safe, cheerleading, skipping school and being cool. 

However, when I joined the Doll Quilt Swap, I could see that some of the swappers included a home made dolly with their quilts. I did want to at least try to include a dolly.

I found a pattern online called Angel Kitty that I thought looked easy.  

You can see in the picture below with the Angel Kitty at the bottom of the trash basket, that mine sort of blew out a paw. In fact, all my seams were exploding and the first ones were hand stitched, followed by machine stitching. I am not a doll-maker even with a pattern this easy.

The quilts I make and send for this swap will arrive on their own merit without distraction of the little Angel Kitties that might have made folks go..."aw". Or not. 

I would rather spend my time learning how to quilt more to my own satisfaction than ripping out felt wanna-be kats.  At this stage in my life, I am less interested in pleasing others or, in fact, fitting in. It may seem heartless and cold to drop the Angel Kitty into the trash like so unceremoniously, but done is done. 

A woman has to know her strengths and her limitations. She has to know what she takes pleasure in doing and not spend more time on a thing that is going no where.

I have aprons to sew, and that's as far away from quilting that I want to get. Tomorrow is a new day, and a good day for quilting.