Friday, November 1, 2013

The swap that started it all

I am up early this morning and its very dark outside. This little mountain valley City Planners instituted a policy that prohibits commercial and private home lights going out into space. Its really innovative. 

However, with these dark nights, you can see the stars. They always make me feel like I am not alone and that I am also a star shining with so many others around me, even if they live far away.

I joined a Fall Mug Rug Swap this season, and it was the reason why I started making them all. My partner lives in Canada, and shipped hers off to me on the 24th, so they are still in transit. She got these from me the other day.

I had fun with these fabrics bought locally at 5 Heart Quilts. They were to measure 6 x10, and so I joined a daily email called Quilt Pro Block of the Day. Most of the patterns are 6" and work perfectly for this size project.

In the few emails she & I shared, we did talk about fall colors. Leaves here in Tehachapi started to change with the colder mornings. Cold winds coming through here rip leaves off the trees so we have to look quickly to catch the fall season this year. 

Its a perfect time to quilt.

I've kept two of the Mug Rugs for myself. One of them has a Cardinal on it and I'll post photos tomorrow morning of anything that is completed and may be shipping soon.