Thursday, November 14, 2013

Things look better in the morning

I trust the day more with my life than I do the nighttime hours. My vision is becoming shrouded with 'floaters' which, I hear are a natural part of aging. Because I am an early riser, as the day fades, so does my energy and good judgement. Those three things combine to make quilting and even reading a challenge.

I finished one of the holiday mini quilts, and while the reveal comes on Saturday for photos, this one taught me a lot of lessons.  Once again, I tried my hand at free motion quilting on it. Many people tell me how easy it is, yet, my lesson learned again is that I need a class. Or maybe it was just being tired last night. I am not sure why I couldn't stop and let it go for the morning. It was such a mess.

This is a teaser for the back. The Disappearing 9-Patch front makes a sweet mini quilt, and is created using creams and a sea foam green (binding is showing here). Its going to my friend Staci in Des Moines. I ripped out the really bad-looking free motion stitches I put in last night, and came back to it using a diagonal grid, which does look nice.

Then of course, it got wrapped up for shipping in one of these 'once-you-seal-it-you-will-never-get-it-open bags and I had forgotten to take a picture. As I cut it open, I realized that the insides were too close to the edge and someone not knowing this could cut into the quilt. I refolded it to a smaller piece.

I would like to think I could resolve any problem during the nighttime darkness as easily as I can during the full light of day. If my clear biological vision is becoming a thing of the past, perhaps I need to enhance what is called 'clairvoyance' and start seeing things more instinctively and with an awakened intuition about my fabric art.

There is something lovely about those nighttime shadows, and when I am doing things in the night that sort of belong to it, then it feels good.