Sunday, November 24, 2013

Raw & Unfinished

It is the absence of love that makes our lives feel raw and unfinished. With expressions of love we are connected, and reconnected with those we love. I think this is what all the gift-giving was meant to do at the end of each year. It gets lost though in commercial shuffles and most of us fall victim to that consciousness in some way.

Love has always softened my harder edges and opened me up to the unspoken gifts of heart, and thought, and touch that others have to share, want to share.

I can count too many times that I closed myself off to those moments because I was busy, or otherwise focused.

Quilting has brought me back to a core of generous loving. I am not looking for kudos or chalk marks on a score board that give me points. I just love this fabric art and want to share the colors and combinations with people in my life.

I finished the last holiday mug rug for this year and it goes to my Cousin PK in Alaska for her birthday. She won't be expecting anything from me because I have never given her a birthday gift. Its not much, but then it is that expression of love. Over the last year or so, we reconnected on Facebook. I am much older than she, so we weren't friends as kids. We are now, and I cherish that friendship with her.

When I think about love at the end of the year, I am not convinced that it is at the big holiday tables with all that food.  

What if love was about self-nurturing the artist-within, the sports fan-within, the dancer, the dreamer, the child? For each of them within me, I give thanks this Sunday, and all week. I am glad to be alive in this moment in time.