Thursday, November 21, 2013

Raining Aprons

Well, it is raining outside, and I did work on the Aprons again today. My need for perfectionism is always a challenge for me. Some would say perfectionists are haunted by secret fears of not measuring up. I say yes I want to do my best, and I want my best to be best. Sometimes it is, sometimes it is not. Its a fallacy to hold onto any secret whether its in quilting/sewing  or any other task one my perform.

Whew, what a job making these aprons has been! I will never walk by a handmade apron for sale again without a great deal of respect for its creator. Wow, what a job they are! I understand why the going price is upwards of $25. Well-made aprons are worth even more.

All five of them are pieced bib-to-lap, with their ribbon/ties. Two of them need pockets yet. Then I need to make the little D-Ring holders, and of course, clip lose threads and make sure that none of the seams will come free.

Yesterday, I finished the last mini quilt for the season, the last mug rug for the season and the only French-seamed pillowcase. Each of them was so fun to make.

These aprons, however, continue to challenge my skills. Everyday I work on them is a day I believe I will complete the work. I have softened my expectations and just keep persevering. 

Its like mustering courage to forge ahead and not to allow them to fall into the UFO bin....unfinished forever. I know that if they fall to second place on my list of things to do, it will not be long before they fall to fifth, sixth or even tenth.

I cannot sing to them: "Rain, rain go away, come again some other day." They must stay in full view reminding me of my commitment to finish them before starting on another project.