Monday, November 11, 2013

Lookin at Angel Wings

Yes, its true. The Angel Kitty resurrected and while this is the backside because it IS part of a Swap that hasn't been revealed yet, doing the blanket stitch around it worked. I wish I knew if she were going to a home with young kids. Its not really child-safe, and if I make it again for the January Swap, I hope my partner lets me know if her home has youngin's. 

These swaps are helping me grow in many ways. What I make goes to a stranger on the list. This is different than making a quilt that will go to someone in a hospital as a source of comfort. These are swaps. I send to someone who sends to me. Guidelines to the swaps say that you can be at any skill level, so what is exchanged is going to be different. 

This November Doll Quilt was my first in the swap, as is the Angel Kitty as its companion. We don't have another one until January.

Today was a shopping day. I live an hour drive either north or south to a larger town with shopping centers and stores that have sales, and carry merchandise beyond what the local KMart and Home Depot sell. 

Its been years now that I got into the habit of buying what I want and need, and then wrapping it up to open on Solstice. They look plain now, but in a few weeks, I'll add some bows and spruce them up a bit.

World Market imports some of the dolci (Italian for sweets) that I love, but I have to go in now when they first stock it or its gone.  By Winter Solstice, I will have forgotten what is in side the little wrapped treasures and be ever-so-surprised with receiving just what I love and wanted.

Little Bambi in this picture above came from that store too, and is standing on a piece of gift wrap. The bird house--75% off because they say its a fall arrangement-- and red bird (yes, I know its NOT a Cardinal) came from JoAnn's. If you drive an hour to get to the big city, you should go shopping! They will charm my living room for the holidays rather than being wrapped. 

Fabric designers Patty Reed, and Susan Winget are featured in what I bought. Again, the store is fully stocked with choices, and when you need 5-6 yards to back a quilt, you go for sales. Three of the fabrics will go onto some 2014 quilt finishes, so I am excited to have them in my collection.  The white with gold dots represents a new addition to my list on this blog of things to make. Its going to be a table cloth and actually I want it for my Thanksgiving weekend.