Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Look Around!

There is so much to do right now between outside work in the gardens to get them ready for winter, and transferring the Hallows decor to Thanksgiving and planning for meals during that weekend. 

I got quite the scare about the two quilts shipped out. My Brother in Law is out of town, and I contacted FedX to hold his delivery and let him pick it up there when he returns. That took so much time it was silly. The other quilt going to my younger Son gave me a strong lesson.

Most quilts are lost in transport either through general mail or other shippers. Even if you ask for signatures, and the package is signed for, they don't have to tell you who accepted it.

His package was left on his front steps, and when my older Son went to pick it up for him, it was no where to be seen. I got a text this morning saying that a neighbor who has the key to his house, saw the delivery and put it inside on the porch. Whew...however, the anxiety I felt last night thinking it was taken was pretty intense. Sure its insured for $100, but it was my choice to have them just leave it. 

From now on, all quilts will have to be picked up at the FedX offices and signed for by the person on the address listing.

Then, I worked all yesterday taking quilting steps on various projects. I finished the top for the Comfort Quilt.

It goes back with me to the group next Monday so I can pick up the batting for it and complete it. It really turned out nice. This is a close-up of the center blocks and what I started with as I selected fabrics. Some guy is going to love this quilt. 

In all, the delivery lesson will most likely continue to unfold.