Thursday, November 7, 2013

Am I Finished Shopping?

Last night, I ordered a DVD set online for the holiday gift going out to Granddaughter #2. She graduates this coming June.  It may seem early, however, it takes a week to ship things out, and with seven grandchildren, I do need to budget and think ahead.

Here is where I am with the first of the four aprons I want to make and finish next. I've made my own pattern for these utility aprons and this is why I am moving slowly on the first one. The aides need to have the bib to cover their shirts while holding babies, who spit up and can be snotty at time. I still want them to be cute, so selected fabric to make that happen.

I also finished the Doll Quilt for the Swap. Here is a sneak peek of it til the reveal on Saturday.

Its put together with more than a few wilder prints. Another thing I have seen people in the swap do is to include a handmade doll to go with it, so I've found a pattern and will work on that in the coming days. The quilt needs to be sent out before the end of the month. If I can make this little 'doll' then it will be an extra. If it gets to be too much work, the quilt goes on its own. 

My quilting work is meant to help center me, and when I am centered, that positive energy goes into my creations. I've stepped out of my comfort zone to create aprons and now this little doll, and it is an experiment to see how it works for me.

The other WIP (work in process) is the comfort quilt I am making.

Here is one block of 12. The group has certain standards they keep when making a quilt from start to finish. They get donations of fabric, quilting supplies, and unfinished quilts of various sizes. To keep their quilting standard, they have collected a number of patterns that they prefer to use. My guess is that they've had business meetings in the past to set these standards.

I want to make guy-quilts, so selected the green baseball fabric as my focus and then gathered the two stripes and dark blue for the rest of the pattern pieces. I can finish the top today with just two seams left and then cutting threads on the back and making sure the seams are sturdy.