Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Shipping out November

We had a power outage in Tehachapi a couple of nights ago and the small PO branch here is still without power to process packages and credit cards. Its giving me more time to finish and pack things. I'll go again in the morning.

Meanwhile I stopped in at 5 Heart Quilts, which is one of the fabric stores in town. Claudia's been in business for decades and in a small town, does what she can to stay afloat. 

Some time ago, I set up a webpage, and newsletter format for her, and did get an account set up on Facebook for her. I am not sure she uses either. However, I convinced her to send out another email for the month and suggest that readers stop into the shop to pickup a FREE pattern for easy, quick holiday gifts to make from their scraps.

I am working on my own Solstice gifts too. The teens are always the most difficult and so a few gifts, some money and then the Mug Rugs with cookies. Some of the adults will get mini quilts (mug rugs or small table toppers) for the season. Like most gift-bringers of the season, I keep a list, not of those who have been naughty or nice, but a list of who got what, when. Its better not to have folks open their mail-gift and groan---"not again! Not another table runner!"

Today, like many days, I look ahead at what I have to do. Lists help me look at what I have done, what I have accomplished, what was good, and right and enough. I want to give myself credit for simple accomplishments, and for all the growth and gains made doing this very behind the scenes support for people I love. 

Every mini quilt, every personal lap quilt is a study in comfort, in protection, and in family connection.