Sunday, March 16, 2014

International Shipping

Being involved in international swaps is opening me to an even greater reality of how quilters work around the world. As a child, I had a pen pal and things being things, ours was one of those connections that didn't last. Some people make life long friends and were luckier.

Friendships don't always come easily for me.

Not all of my quilt swaps have worked, and when they are done, we tend to go on our ways and keep quilting. I got a package for March from my swap partner in Australia. She sent two great blocks and some Australian print fabric as well.

Although I shipped my package very early, it hasn't arrived there, which is disappointing to both of us, I am sure. This could be another reason why the pen-pal thing didn't work. When things fail, its not always someone's fault, though we are quick to take the blame or worse, place the blame elsewhere.

My partner showed me pics of a quilt she is making that has Golliwoggs on it, which are children's characters from a book first published in 1896, and popular in Europe and Australia though the 1970's. And of course, as popular as they might have  become, they were also banned for the image without recognizing their worth. For more, you can follow this link to learn about their history. 

What I am coming away with from my experiences is knowing that we do things differently. Different, according to my Daddy, isn't better or worse, its just not the same way we do things.

In seeing differences, we also can learn to accept our own differences. Sometimes I think my differences mean thinking I don't fit...whether its in a small group or a larger community. However, in risking an International Swap, the differences melt into ...oh what...that melting pot!

Once she gets my package, the relationship of the month is completed and we move onto the next partnership. I hope to stay in touch if only to share what we do next. 

Next. That's almost as nice a word as different.