Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Threading Needles / Pinning Fabric

A wise old woman once told me that every needle has a front door and a back door. She said most people lock their front doors and always leave the back door open. 

Someone shared this image on Facebook today, so its a perfect pic to show what I mean. If you cannot get the thread through no matter how you prepare the thread flattening it with wax or spittle, turn the needle around and use the other side of it! 

Works for me every time.

My trip to the clubhouse this morning was a bit shortened because I used up all the pins I had! Side borders are on two quilts and blocks for two comfort quilts are also pinned. It took me almost two hours ...two, two, two. Those long and wide tables are a gift to any quilter for laying out. Also, that bag. It carries everything I need. 

Glad I made it.

It is raining out today, so I am happy to be home making a cozy soup for lunch, and the smell of it is everywhere already. I have enough hand work to do for the rest of the day and am content. This will be a day when I think of the fabric artists who have touched my life and given me all sorts of wonderful tips, ideas, patterns, encouragement and support.