Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Great Day Basting

I got to the clubhouse early this morning and had the quilt I brought to baste completed in an hour. Guess I am getting so used to it that its become a routine.

The white outline on this picture is batting so it will not be seen on the finished quilt.

This one is for my Great-Niece Sophia, whose birthday is the same week as the holiday. Its a bit wild, but then, so is she. Sophia is a dark-haired beauty who lost her Mother to a year long battle with leukemia, and is the youngest of the three grrrlie-grrls in their family.  I want to make one for each of her sisters too, have them started, and might finish them all next year.

Other things I brought to the clubhouse to work on included a couple that need borders, and some cutting projects. The bigger tables there make all that kind of work so much easier.

After I got home, I signed up for another Mystery Quilt that calls for 2.5" strips, suggesting jelly rolls or cutting your own. It just started so timing was perfect. The bin that holds my holiday pieces is still in here, so I started cutting away. This is going to have a fairly dark background, so most of the strips need to be the lighter colors, and no more than 2 strips in the same color. I certainly have enough fabrics.

Additionally, I've started emailing a quilter in Turkey who is doing some fabulous work with pattern concepts that I have never seen, and want to try. When I looked up where she lived, I discovered that people in her area harvest a mineral that is found floating on the Black Sea which is a body of water to their north. Its a very soft substance that they use to make these world famous Meerschaum Pipes. Meerschaum is a German word for 'foam of the sea'. This is the same area where there are numerous legends and reported sightings of mer-people...hoax or fairytale? Sometimes believing in folklore is simply ok. And why not?

No telling what a person will learn from quilting!