Friday, March 7, 2014

Finish Something Friday

I've discovered that it takes planning to finish something on Fridays. While many of my quilts are in the WIP stage, some have deadlines. One of these is the second comfort quilt I want to donate on Monday when the group meets.

It was at the stage where all it needed today was to cut, piece, pin, attach, and bind. Its lightly quilted with diagonals, and machine bound with a serpentine stitch. The back is flipped so it shows a gold tone stripe, and it seems to me that this is a perfect size quilt for a boy for his bed or as a couch cover, or man in a wheel chair, who would tuck it around his legs. 

Fabrics are just that one graphic & others reading solid, and although it has a brighter pink in it, the majority of colors are not feminine. This floating block look works with a number of fabric choices and is easy to make.

Another thing I finished today was to put away all my Winter Village and decor. Boxes are ready for the shed, only re-surfacing on Thanksgiving weekend. Every time I open them, its like seeing old friends, and also like opening new gifts with the surprise and wonder of a child. I like that time of year just for that reason.

Finishing something on Fridays has become like pulling weeds, tilling the garden soil and getting things ready for the next new thing. This practice started for me because I felt like I didn't have anything to show for all the quilting work I was doing, and now, its become a change of attitude about the cycle of life.