Saturday, March 15, 2014

Browsing Online

Oh the hours I can spend following trails and looking at various quilting sites and awesome creations!  There are numerous blogs with new ideas and old methods; there is Pinterest with photos and ideas for anything one could imagine. I could easily become a voyeur and never get anything done. 

Every once in awhile, someone, like my Cuz in Alaska did this week, will opt out of places like Facebook, just to reclaim her life!

Being a spectator is safe. All those secondhand visuals flicker across my computer and do not require commitments or efforts, nor do they provide a sense of satisfaction and personal growth.

I learn, yes. Yes, I learn. However, my real life is in the risks I take with these fabrics as I get involved in my own dramas with them.

I am hand quilting my Granddaughter Baylee's graduation quilt. Its lovely laying over my lap in its lush purples, pinks and blues. I trace a heart shape with invisible ink around one of my heart-shaped cookie cutters. I am able to do two at a time before the ink disappears, so maybe I can get 6-8 of them done in a sitting. It needs to be completed and shipped by May, so its holding a priority in my quilting work.

Meanwhile, my mind whirs with memories of times Baylee & I have shared, current conversations, my hopes for her future, blessings, and excitement in the planning for a trip back to the Midwest to attend her grad party. She is an intense, sweet, stunning young woman who has already earned a NA certificate before even going onto formal college education. 

With so many other things on my To-Do list for 2014, browsing the web and getting lost on those trails might still be productive. Its always good to think, to envision, to dream.