Monday, March 24, 2014

Basketball Player-size

My Nephew-in-Law played basketball at an early age through college, and became a basketball coach. He's a tall guy, and incredibly nice, so when I found a pattern I wanted to use for a quilt for him, I added blocks all around it to make it one that would work for him. 

By the time I get the border on, it will measure 86 x 96, which isn't the largest I have made, but is large enough. Here it is across my queen size bed without borders, batting, backing or binding. Its meant to be a personal couch cover or lap quilt.

I've pieced 25 scrap 2.5" squares to make up the blocks, so it made good use of some of that stash that collected since I started quilting.

There are men who quilt. There are boys and men who receive quilts (my personal agenda for Comfort Quilts). This man, like so many other tall guys, usually needs to curl up under the standard quilts tucking himself into a ball. And as he sleeps, he probably finds himself sticking out from under the covers. 

Quilts, like humans, need to be adequate & worthy. Distress, because of any shortage, is not of our own making. Many times we don't even think about what is lacking when we have learned to live with the depravation all our lives. I think it is our birthright to see ourselves as glorious, perfect creations just as we are. 

The same goes for a quilt or the gift of a quilt. It is glorious and perfect, especially when it is made with love.

Borders will be pinned on at the clubhouse on Wednesday. You need a flat surface to do this with the larger borders so they don't develop waves when you attach them. I just need to make sure they are long enough. Hah! The story of this quilt is to be enough.