Sunday, March 2, 2014


Gentle tapping on the bush outside my bedroom window woke me early and while I came in here thinking I could work, the constant rain began to lull me, dull my brain, dull my desire to produce. I just wanted to hear the rain.

I forgot that I was participating in a monthly linkup called "Le Challenge" and want to make something for myself...a tote bag. I want to make a tote bag large enough to carry a quilt in it, either to the comfort quilt meetings or to the clubhouse for basting. Something for me. Something that goes with the theme of ORDER.

I found a huge beach bag tote pattern online that will most likely work for this need. What I plan to do is pull out a shoebox of pre-cut squares (most of which I cut myself), and make the dimensions the pattern calls for first.

The pattern comes from an old blog that hasn't been added to for years. Like others I chat with about blogs, we don't understand why these old ones are never taken down. Oh WAIT! Its because of people like me who go looking for ideas. 

I bought that strapping fabric so I don't have to try and work with turning self-made ones. 

Order, as I am interpreting it is going to be a tool that helps me carry quilts in a bag over my arm, so I can move with ease from the house to the car, from the car to a building, and back again. Part of my quilting work today will be in using up a shoebox of scraps. I am not going to care about matching or colors or anything...just get it together. That too is part of order.