Friday, March 28, 2014

Friendship AND a Finish Something Friday

We need our friends for basic health. Old rules told us to hold back and decline closeness. I have been changing that perception over the past few years while living in California away from my family and friends in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Luckily electronic communications lifts the sense of isolation. It is still a challenge for me to talk on the cell phone, so I enjoy the visual of Skype calls as well as the ease in sending off photos and short comments on Facebook. 

This morning I worked on a Friday Finish while chatting with one of my dearest friends in Minnesota. The project going is made from a couple of pieces of fabric that came from Lee's estate. I trimmed it to be as oval as possible and keep that Spring Easter Egg look to it. It gave me experience binding on a curve.

Lacking conversations with other like-minded people can lead me (anyone) to isolation and misinterpretation of reality. Connecting with others who both support and affirm me, helps defeat the monsters living in my head who want to fill me with false notions that my work is 'less than' or that I am 'less than'. 

This little table matt is going to Mother as soon as I can get to the Post Office. Its a good size to sit next to her bed to hold a glass of water and anything else she might put there...or as a matt to hold a vase of flowers on her table. Its very egg-y in looks.

Most of my fears are like gray days outside my window and usually disappear with the sunshine or after common sense conversations with a friend. In fact, if I woke up with some angst on my mind, I can't even remember it. 

This morning was well spent with a friend who lives in Minnesota and kept our Skype appointment so we could chat for an hour. And I finished something!