Sunday, March 9, 2014

Making ORDER

Its not always easy for me to create something for myself. Many other quilters I know keep their quilts or quilting projects, and are able to do those trunk shows I see at the guild.  I do have a project going for myself which is to make a tote to carry quilts.

This one is coming along. I saw most quilters at that big quilt show in January carrying bags they made. Groups of quilters walking together must have decided to get one pattern and then each quilter made it her own with her fabric and color choices. Many of these small groups. Many individuals who also carried their homemade totes. It was fascinating to see, and I wish I had seen them early enough to take pictures.

For this project, I wanted to use the 2.5" strips in one of my storage boxes. With all that I did use, it barely made a dent in how much is in the storage box. The pattern I am using is for a beach bag, and calls for lining it to make it more sturdy. I plan to add batting as well. 

I found one yard of a panel print from Lee's estate fabrics her family gave me. Its actually a pretty piece and I wish I knew why she bought it and what she might have planned for it. 

I laid the tote bag pieces over it like a puzzle so they do fit to cut from it. Like the front, I am less concerned about how the finish will look, and more interested in using up this fabric to bring order to my storage containers, as well as making a tote for my quilts.

Hmm...what I thought might be the inside might make a lovely outside.

Today, I need to press all the pieces, pin and cut, and then get started on the next round of assembly. Project challenge instructions for this blog-along say that what you make is to be completed and ready to link up by the 15th.

Deadlines are great for things like this. I could let it slide so easily because it is for me, not anyone's birthday, or graduation, or holiday gift. Me. 

Its a step away from being a perfect self-y gift only because I am using leftovers/scraps and doing random piecing with no care to the end result. However, that is also who I am, spontaneous, carefree/careless, and open to what comes.