Sunday, March 23, 2014

After Pismo Beach

For anything to stay alive in me, I need to step back and gain perspective in what I am doing, thinking.

Sometimes taking a short day-trip is just what I need. I live in an area that has numerous ecosystems, and most within a few hours away from my home.

Yesterday, the trip was to Pismo Beach, as directly West as the freeways go. This beach is known for the surfing waves. This is a practice season for the surfers because the waves are tame by certain standards, yet as I watched from the pier, I could see the challenges they all face. The more expert surfer caught the wave but had to watch for the less experienced who were in the way of a clear ride.

Not me in the pic, of course, but seeing this young woman with a board on her head was inspiring. It took no time at all before she hit the waves and became an unidentifiable dot. Colors were amazing and  all I could think about doing was making a quilt in blues and beige/browns.

California is experiencing a hard drought and yet, on the way home, we saw a number of bee hives set in their usual places near groves and fields.

As I look at the colors around me, I want to include them in my work. These are what Nature gives us.

Today, I have been doing those catch up chores like laundry and minor house cleaning. 

I did decide that another quilt is added to my to-do list for a young man's graduation. I have some baseball fabric and plan to do this one in blues and beige/browns. They are colors around me right now, and I love every one I see.